Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning San Diego CA 858-240-4616Air ducts in your home or business that aren’t cleaned and maintained contribute to poor indoor air quality. Accumulated dirt, dust, dander and even fungus and mold spores can build up in the system, creating unhealthy breathing conditions. Debris may contribute to the need for costly repairs down the line. At Same Day Restoration, we specialize in thorough routine air duct cleaning, extensive cleaning for neglected systems and fast service for water damage. We make excellent customer service our priority, which is why we have a top-notch reputation.

Once you experience the difference our innovative cleaning process makes in your air ducts, you’ll want to keep our number at hand for all your key maintenance needs.
We’ve developed an innovative cleaning process to deep clean air ducts with safe products. Our air duct cleaning reduces allergens and keeps the system free of potentially harmful chemicals.

At Same Day Restoration, our technicians are fully trained and experienced. Don’t trust your job to unqualified people. Our know-how means we get the job done right so you can rely on our work.

Using outmoded equipment on air ducts is like cleaning a computer with a hair drier. We keep our equipment up to date to do the best work. Excellent equipment and the right products results in superior cleaning results.

For one-time service, ongoing air duct maintenance and same-day water damage or other emergency clean-up, we’re here to serve you. We’re honored to give our local community excellent customer service. Call us today to schedule an appointment.