Carpet Cleaning

CarpetCleaning-300x199-300x199Same Day Restoration provides personalized service at residential and commercial properties while also arriving promptly at the scheduled time. Our technicians discuss all carpet cleaning tasks first to ensure fibers are sanitized thoroughly without damaging delicate fibers or bleaching away fabric dyes. Customers can count on us to protect surrounding surfaces such as hardwood floors.

Using innovative cleaning processes for each type of fiber is essential to remove stains and embedded grime from carpets. Same Day Restoration technicians use the right method to shampoo wall-to-wall carpets or rugs, depending on the fiber content. For items made of wool, we use as little moisture as possible to avoid slow drying times and nasty odors.

Our carpet cleaning employees are background screened to help protect customers from danger. We train technicians thoroughly to analyze fibers such as silk or polyester to determine the correct type of cleansers to use. Experienced and new employees work together to increase their carpet cleaning knowledge.

We keep our Same Day Restoration service vans filled with a variety of modern carpet cleaning equipment designed for shampooing specialized fibers. Our company only uses gentle eco-friendly detergents, instead of volatile chemicals that leave dangerous residue on carpets and rugs.

To have an enjoyable carpet cleaning experience in a home or business, call the Same Day Restoration experts for fast scheduling for removing everyday grime or extracting pathogens after a flooding disaster. Call us today to arrange an appointment to restore rugs and carpets located in commercial or residential properties.